The Colour of Night

New Beginnings for All


Our story starts off in the City of Aberhaven – a sprawling city-state ruled by Duke Dorian Aberhaven and his wife, Alicia. Seven adventurers, all of various nationalities and vocations find themselves the receivers of an anonymous letter.

The letter appeared to be an invitation of sorts. One, the writer requested their presence at the upcoming charity masquerade that was to be held at the Duke’s Mansion in a fortnight. And two, the writer implied that attending this masquerade indicated the adventurer’s interest in joining a “unique family”.

While it was made very clear that the adventurers were under no obligation to accept this invitation, all seven of them decided to take up this offer for various personal reasons.

Brax and Emeric both on the run for their lives, and the sorceress Lucinda Blancoeur saw the letter as an opportunity for salvation. While the honourable and just Grail Knight Rhollin Grail and the pious Sister Agatha attributed it to a higher calling.

Yorgorov Varakzy , a fallen poet who had recently found solace with a tavern wench named Lily ironically fell prey to her thieving skills and lost the letter to her.

And last but not least, the adept thief Moerdyn understood it as a game he couldn’t pass up.

Read the entire entry of: Prologue – The Letter


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