Yorgorov Varakzy


A short, dark haired man with a narrow face and normally a large belly, Yorgorov Varazky has deep set but attentive, quick blue eyes. There always seems to be something on the tip of his tongue, waiting for a chance to be heard, whether you want to hear it or not. Behind the mercury of his eyes lies a sadness that comes to the surface only when Varazky is in thought but is ever present. Yorgorov’s build is slightly deceiving though as he is quicker on his feet than most would think to look at him and his hands are as nimble as his mind.

Following the nightmare events of the Masquerade Yorgorov has lost much of the weight he gained through years of vice and excess, spending weeks in a coma following the battle. He now walks with a slight limp and uses a walking cane to assists him.


Yorgorov Varakzy

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