Rhollin Grail


Rhollin is young, tall, and fair, well-groomed at all occasions. He will only be seen in perfectly pressed suits or shimmering, polished armor. His public face is perhaps painfully noble, but when the facade is not needed a bright man with a large lust for life can be met. His roaring laughter echoes throughout the plains of Savann and now through the dark streets of the City.


As is the nature of men, one can’t see Rhollin without first seeing his race. Rhollin Grail is a Leonyr, a race of beast-men from the southern plains of Savann. They are frightfully large with long, wild hair, clawed hands and feet, and well-groomed patches of hair across their body to complete the leonine look. Their lands are constantly at war, with many small kingdoms fighting for slight gains in land or courtly influence. Leonyr are as refined as they are brutal, fierce in war but keeping to the highest fashions and notions of courtly etiquette.

Rhollin Grail

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