Lucinda Blancoeur

Status: Whereabouts Unknown (Inactive)


Eyes flash, luminous, violet-blue eyes that glitter like sapphires. Lucie tilts her chin, perhaps arrogantly, making her small, straight nose appear aristocratic above a cherry-red mouth that suffers from an overly generous lower lip. For a heartbeat her eyes are all, until she lowers her gaze. Then the rest of her comes into notice.

She is tall enough but not too tall — just the right height to tuck under the chin of a well grown man, and lushly endowed with alluring curves and hollows. A frayed kerchief covers burnished copper-gold tresses that are tied in a tangled knot at the nape of her neck.


If Lucie stands aloofly, it is only to salvage the last remnants of her shattered pride. Remembering her sin, she struggles for humility, keeping her uncertain glance shielded by a silken fringe of dark lashes fluttering like butterflies on cheeks smooth as peaches and cream.

Lucie is an innocent. Always dreaming of what might be, she is impetuous, vulnerable, and determined. Not yet purged of the arrogance that was her undoing, she is plagued with doubt about the choice she has made.

Lucinda Blancoeur

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