It all began with a single mysterious letter – stuffed into the pocket of a cloak, an unassuming note placed inconspicuously on a desk, snuggled inside a shoe or handed over by a mysterious beggar, that came to be in the possession of our heroes.

While they have pondered over it’s existence, their minds searching for that single memory that could have triggered such a strange occurrence, it soon became obvious that its origins, or rather the origin of its appearance, is of no consequence as to what was going to happen next.

With pounding hearts and trembling hands, they read what’s written and accept the challenge. And now, it is without a doubt that their actions now would lead to greater consequences for themselves, and for the whole of mankind.

Welcome to The Colour Of Night (CoN), a freeform game based on a homebrew world. We started playing this game in August 2008. We took a one year break from March 2009 – March 2010. Now, the game is up and running again!

This campaign is played via Play By Post.

DISCLAIMER: All images (portraits, paintings and photographs) are found from the internet and belong to their respective owners.

Only game maps and game notes were drawn and created by me.

The Colour of Night

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